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“Resplendent in its blush-hued glory, this adorned pink printed shirt gracefully fuses the realms of artistry and refinement. Intricate white embroidery dances upon its canvas, embellishing the neckline with delicate panni and sequin, as if whispering tales of ethereal beauty. A magnificent Shiffili border envelops the ensemble, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that captures the essence of timeless elegance. Adorned with a floral printed chiffon dupatta, each petal evoking a sense of poetic serenity, this ensemble is an ode to the divine harmony of nature and human ingenuity. Step into a realm where beauty reigns supreme, as this sartorial masterpiece immerses you in a tapestry of elevated sophistication and transcendent grace.”

Things Included:

Front: Printed Schiffili Lawn

Back: Printed Lawn

Sleeves: Printed Lawn

Pants: Dyed Cambric

Dupatta: Printed chiffon


Ghyra Border

Ghyra Scallop Border

Sleeve Border and Patch


Stitching Options

Stitched, Unstitched