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“Unveiling the nocturnal enchantment of obsidian elegance, this black sartorial marvel dons the captivating amalgamation of Gara and Cross-stitch embroidery. Adorned with meticulous artistry and unparalleled craftsmanship, it exudes an aura of refined allure. Complemented by a printed dupatta, reminiscent of an artist’s muse painted upon delicate shiffon, it bestows an ethereal drape, transcending the realms of fashion. Embrace the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, as this opulent ensemble embodies the epitome of sophistication, captivating the discerning aficionado with its timeless splendor.”

Things Included:

Front: Embroidered Gara and Crosstitch centre pannel and side pannels

Back: Dyed Lawn

Sleeves: Crosstitch and Gara


Pants: Dyed Cambric

Dupatta: Digital Printed chiffon


Schffili Border

Crosstitch Border

Stitching Options

Stitched, Unstitched