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“Behold the verdant splendor of this emerald green printed shirt, adorned with an exquisite interplay of embroideries that evoke a mesmerizing visual symphony. The neckline border, ghyra border, and Patti intertwine in harmonious unity, while the sleeve motif and Patti add a touch of captivating intricacy. A printed Shiffon dupatta, resplendent in the same captivating hue, completes the ensemble, infusing an ethereal grace that transports the wearer to an enchanting realm. Prepare to immerse yourself in an empyrean tapestry of resplendent elegance, as this sartorial marvel intertwines the realms of artistry and fashion, captivating the discerning connoisseur with its unparalleled allure”

Things Included:

Front: Printed Embroidered Lawn

Back: Printed Lawn

Sleeves: Printed Lawn

Pants: Dyed Cambric

Dupatta: Digital Printed chiffon


Ghyra Border and Patti

Sleeve Motif and Patti

Neckline Border

Stitching Options

Stitched, Unstitched